Bath Salts or Synthetic Cathinones

By Stephen Thornton, MD


Updated January, 2023 by Nathan A Friedman, MD & Alicia Minns, MD

Original author Alicia Minns, MD

Lindane and Organochlorine Poisoning

By Rais Vohra, MD

Fentanyl-tainted Street Norco


Loxoscelophobia: The Alleged Brown Recluse Spider Bite

By Jeffrey R. Suchard, MD

Scombroid Fish Poisoning


Adrenergic Antagonist (BB) Toxicity

Updated April, 2023 by Nathan Friedman, MD

Original author Stephen Thornton, MD

Strychnine Poisoning

By Landen Rentmeester, MD, and Binh Ly, MD

Drug and Medication-Related Hyperthermia

By Alicia Minns, MD