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Info for Educators

A community educator facilitating an event for a group of adults.

Educators are key partners who can increase poison prevention awareness and minimize poisonings in our communities.

Educators can include:

  • Child Care Providers
  • School Staff and Teachers
  • Health Educators
  • Family Resource Centers
  • Promotoras
  • Case Managers
  • Community Outreach Workers
  • Public Health Navigators

Partner with CPCS for Poison Prevention

Educators may help raise poison prevention awareness by partnering with California Poison Control System (CPCS). The CPCS Health Education Program establishes partnerships with organizations and individuals working with at-risk populations throughout the state.

The CPCS Health Education Program develops and implements innovative materials and programs to raise awareness of the Poison Hotline and to prevent poisonings throughout California.

The following are some CPCS Health Education Program materials and programs for our partners:

  • Free culturally and linguistically sensitive educational outreach & materials
  • Poison Prevention Training Program
  • Poisons, Prevention & Help Training Program for Community-Based Organizations
  • Poison Safety Education Course
  • School age children poison prevention outreach
  • Annual development & dissemination of new poison prevention educational tools
  • Annual National Poison Prevention Week (NPPW) activities


If you are an educator, individual, or organization working in the community, you can access CPCS resources and contact the Health Education Program team ([email protected]) for partnership opportunities.

Poison Prevention Resources for Educators

Professional Development

User completing training course and receiving a certificate of completion.


Looking for a Professional Development opportunity? Receive a Certificate of Completion and access to poison prevention materials and resources. Visit the California Poison Control Poison Prevention Training Program to access the free course.


Back-to-School Safety

Children in Classroom


Going back to school? Exposure to poisonous or potentially toxic substances can lead to negative impacts on children’s health and academic success. Learn how to prevent and safely manage poison exposure in a school setting. Visit Back-to-School Safety to learn more.


Contact the Health Education Program (HEP)

Illustration of an health educator responding to an email


Contact the Health Education Program team ([email protected]) for partnership opportunities and presentation requests.