Educators help spread poison awareness in California. The CPCS Health Education Program can provide resources to educators working with at-risk populations throughout the state.

Poison awareness in California

Almost anything can be a poison depending on the substance and exposure. We encounter many types of substances that can be poisonous in our daily lives. Common items that can be poisonous include:

  • Medicines
  • Household products
  • Plants and mushrooms
  • Insects and critters

Health education program materials and partnerships

  • Free culturally and linguistically sensitive educational outreach & materials
  • Poison Prevention Training Program
  • Poisons, Prevention & Help Training Program for community-based organizations
  • Poison Safety Education course
  • School-age children poison prevention outreach
  • Annual development & dissemination of new poison prevention educational tools
  • Annual National Poison Prevention Week (NPPW) activities

If you are an educator, individual, or organization working in the community, you can contact the Health Education Program team ([email protected]) for partnership opportunities.