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Prevent Poison Oak Exposure

hiking outdoors
Do not touch Poison Oak. The oil from Poison Oak can cause an itchy rash, which then turns into water blisters. Developing a Poison Oak rash after exposure is unpleasant for many people. Not to mention, repeated exposure increases sensitivity over time. With warmer weather, you are more likely to be outdoors hiking with your family, friends, and pets. Learn how to prevent potential Poison Oak exposure today.

Hiking Attire to Wear to Prevent Exposure

  • Long-sleeved top
  • Long pants
  • Hats and gloves
  • Closed-toe shoes or boots

Hiking Tips to Prevent Exposure

  • Stay on trails and away from bushes where Poison Oak may be present.
  • Wash your clothes, tools, strollers, wheelchairs, and pets after hiking outdoors as they may have Poison Oak oil on them.
  • Do not burn Poison Oak as the smoke can cause irritation.

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