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Poison Prevention Educational Topics

Learn and help educate the public about poison exposure, who is at risk, and how to prevent poisoning. Browse the following topics:


Home and Outdoors

  • Pesticides: Understand what a pesticide is and how to prevent pesticide exposure.
  • Top 10 Ways to Poison Proof Your Home: Discover 10 ways to prepare, prevent, and protect you and your loved ones from poisoning dangers in and around the home.

Holiday wreath



  • Holiday Hazards: Holiday activities, decorations, toys, and foods may lead to accidental harmful ingestions or choking. Learn how to celebrate the holidays safely and prevent poison exposure this winter.

  • Holiday Plant Safety: Learn about common holiday plants that could be poisonous to you and your loved ones.

  • Back-to-School Safety: Exposure to poisonous or potentially toxic substances can lead to negative impacts on children’s health and academic success. Learn how to prevent and safely manage poison exposure in a school setting.



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