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Dear Grandparents,

Do you use any prescription or over-the counter medicines? Did you know that one third of the poisonings reported among children under age six are from prescription drugs commonly used by older adults high blood pressure pills, heart medicines etc.)? In fact, manichildhood poisoning deaths result from eating grandparents medications. This happens at both the child’s home and the grandparents’ home.
  • Do you leave medicines out on your bedside table?
  • Do you leave the tops off of the bottles?
  • Do you avoid usmg child resistant caps?
  • Do you carry your medicines in your purse or pockets (popular places for little ones to explore)?
If the answer is yes to any of the above, your grandchild may be in danger. Please consider these suggestions:
  • Take medicines out of the container only when using them.
  • Use child resistant caps whenever possible. Ask the pharmacist to open and close the cap several times before giving it to you. This will help for later openings.
  • Keep your medicine out of reach, out of sight, and locked up.
  • Protect your grandchildren from toxic household products and plants. Child proof your home.
Remember that child resistant does not mean child proof, but it does help prevent many poisonings. However, even with precautions, poisonings sometimes happen. You can then call for help Irom the 24 hour free hotline at the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222.


California Poison Control System
1-800-222-1222. . Anytime, Anyplace in California

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